TBD Conference is the one-day conference designed to inform, inspire, and challenge how decisions are made to make the best choices possible during unprecedented change and uncertainty. Attendees leave feeling energised and action-orientated.

TBD is the manifestation of the framework explained in the Amazon bestseller 'Disruptive Technologies', authored by Paul Armstrong, to help top execs make better decisions and determine levels of investment in different areas of the business.

Different by design, TBD has unique formats, its own scent(!), forest, and even luxury limited-edition merch with folks from QWSTION to MOO. The details are sweated at every level, and the focus is always on the information you get and the people you meet.

TBD has had an amazing array of speakers, from Harvard Professors to Kung-Fu Masters, Silicon Valley luminaries to big platform execs that are changing the world.

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TBD Conference

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Technology. Behaviour. Data. Only the honest get asked on this stage. Only the brave accept. Find out more > thetbdconference.com